Term papers are essays about current developments, society, and people. They are designed to assist research in the academic field on a specific area. They are required for all classes at each school and are due at the conclusion of each semester. Term papers are usually written by students during a long academic period, often for a large part of their grade. They are written around an underlying theme.

Definition of term papers. A term paper is a written document that is intended to be used as a reference for educational, historical, scientific, personal purposes. Merriam Webster defines it as a “general essay that has the aim of providing an argument or idea”. It is meant to be used for something such as an assignment, report publication, or any other personal purpose. The term paper could be composed for any of these reasons however there are three main distinctions to be made when writing papers that help to type an essay online achieve the main objective: an outline, a title and the thesis statement.

Title. Title. Students must be aware of the title of their paper.”Term Paper” sounds like a broad title that could be used for many different papers. Students should instead select one title to use throughout their essay. Students must use correct titles and reference reliable sources with precision.

Outline. Every term paper requires an outline. This is simply a outline of the main arguments that are presented in the paper. Based on the literature review students did to establish the general theme of their essay Students will be required to create an outline.

Theme. Themes aid in the process of writing. For term papers, the theme can be a study in the field of science, historical observation or even application. Each point in the paper should be linked to the topic. The idea is to create a seamless writing process.

thesis statement. The thesis statement is the defining element of every paper. Students should come up with a particular subject that is related to the literature review and present this subject throughout the paper. The thesis statement is also helpful in guiding the research papers, since it gives students the exact direction they need to follow in their research paper.

References. The final part of term paper is the references. Students should compile an alphabetical list of publications and authors that support their argument. Typically, citations are found at the end of or at the beginning of written term essays.

Term papers can be written for numerous reasons. Students may decide to write a term paper to explore an area of interest that is new or to gather new information, or refactor an existing topic. Whatever the reason, term papers must adhere to the same rules. A well-written piece should employ primarily technical and formal language, and present a clear argument and conclude with a solid, well-structured conclusion. The main point of the paper should not be lost in the clutter of the written document and the wording should convey the principal idea clearly.

Citations. Citations. Students must cite their sources in their term papers. Each source must be cited with a date added. There are many sources, however, the student may include additional information such as a supplemental note section at close of the paper that explains the sources. The reference list should be presented in alphabetical order, and should be listed in a sequential order, starting from the most recent to the oldest.

Length. The term papers must be no more than one page. A research paper can be between three and five pages depending on the length. Because of the nature of research papers the length of the paper can vary and the student must decide the length of their research paper based on their level of complexity as well as personal preference.

Reception. Writing a term paper is different than writing a research paper, in large part because the first draft is not meant to be read by anyone except the writer! Students often have difficulty with the second draft of their essay and are too concerned about grammatical errors or tense shifts to focus on the nature of the paper. Students who write term papers should put aside their worries about reader reaction and write in an organized and focused way that allows them to develop and revise their paper in an appropriate and considerate manner. A well-written term paper usually is an unfinished piece of paper. Students writing their essays often abandon the task and refer back to the essay instead of writing an answer paper.

Dissertation. A dissertation is usually required following the time a term paper has been written and passed. However it should be treated more as an actual assignment. The thesis section of the paper usually serves as the climax of any academic piece and students should take extra care when writing their thesis. The writing involved in dissertations can be extensive and research driven and students should never hesitate to address any questions they may have throughout the process of writing.

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